MICROMOTOR Ltd. was founded by five university graduates – engineers. Company activity is oriented to design, manufacture and after sales maintenance of:

· Dental units and dental equipment ;
· Dental laboratory equipment (workbenches, extraction units, lighting fixtures, etc);
· Dental units.

The company has at its own disposal modern universal and special manufacturing and testing equipment, manufacturing facilities and highly qualified staff. The products, manufactured by Micromotor Ltd. are in conformity with the relevant European Standards and Directives, such as ISO 9001-2015; ISO 13485 – 2016; Directive 93/42/EEC.

The series of electric brush and brushless micromotors for dental practice and dental laboratory are known by their reliability, high torque, ergonomic and modern design, small size and weight. The handpieces are noiseless and free of vibrations.

The Dental units are with modern design and high reliability. Their construction can be easily complemented with separate module apparatuses, so the device can transform in Dental complex – comfortable and appropriate for multifunctional work of the contemporary Dentist.

Since 2009 Micromotor Ltd. represents on the Bulgarian market a range of dental units, produced by the Italian company “CEMM Dental”.

Assistance and maintenance to customers who bought our products is perfect. We maintain a 100 % stock of spare parts for the micromotors and 80% for the other equipment.

MICROMOTOR Ltd. products are well accepted on the home market as well as on the markets of the Balkan countries, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Ukraine, Morocco, India, South Korea, Singapore and Dubai.

Company management is working continuously for the development of new quality products for further satisfaction of the Dentists and dental technicians, for expanding sales on these markets and acquiring niches in new markets.